Getting out of the business trip bubble.

I’ve only been to Stockholm once. I saw the airport, the inside of a taxi, a hotel room and a concert arena. That was it. That’s the trouble with most ‘business trips.’

Now I do things differently.

I make time to explore. This week is my first trip to Belfast. So I didn’t want to just fly in and out, without seeing the real city. Yesterday evening one of my workshop delegates gave me a tour of the city. 40 years of history in 1 hour. Seamus – who started reporting in Belfast in 1988 – showed me the Falls Road, the Shankhill Road, the Peace Line. Fortifications and murals. Plaques commemorating the victims of bombs and guns. As we drove through the streets he pointed out shops and bars, telling me story after story.

It was quite an eye opener. And a reminder to get out of the ‘business trip bubble.’

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