If your social media is spot on but your salesman oversleeps, you have a problem.

Twitter’s great isn’t it?

I love the fact that any business — whatever its size — can use Twitter to talk about its products or services, connect with customers and spread the word. Like Seth Godin said, The Internet has given everyone a microphone and that’s an amazing opportunity.

But… here’s the but.

Businesses still forget. They still forget that they have to start with a great product or service.

Having 1,000 followers doesn’t mean if your product is crap, people will buy it. Having a great blogging strategy or cool photos on Instagram will not bypass shoddy customer service.

I came across a new business recently. They’ve got a nice shiny logo. They blog and play a good game on social media. So they look pretty good.

So I thought I’d try them out. The first time I arranged an appointment with the salesman he arrived thirty minutes late — after we phoned to ask where he was — apologising that he’d overslept. The next time we arrived at their office for a meeting, the door was locked. We waited ten minutes and then gave up and went home.

We don’t know if their product is any good because we never got that far; and we won’t bother trying again.

What a complete waste of ideas, effort and budget that went into securing a hot lead. Try getting your service right before you brag about it.

‘Digital’ is a great marketing opportunity; but it’s not a magic wand. If your service is no good, social media won’t save you.

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