Labels suck. The job title has passed its best-by date.

Labels suck, don’t they?

The humble job title has passed its best-by date.

There is no single job title that describes what I do. Right now I call myself a ‘storyteller and creative consultant’ but that’s just a conversation opener to explain what I do.

Often I get introduced as a ‘journalist’ which is an understandable mistake to make (two years ago I had a side project writing for the Financial Times). But not only is it out of date, it also communicates just a fraction of the multi-dimensional Ian. It misses the full picture.

Today more of us are mashing-up different roles in our work lives. Whether we’re players in the ‘gig economy’ or just juggling multiple jobs, single job titles don’t cut it any more. The real world is not a LinkedIn world of linear career paths and pigeon holes.

The world of work is changing. We need to change how we communicate our offering.

So what the heck does Ian actually do? I reconnect people and organisations with their passion, story and purpose. I also help businesses and brands tell their story. Details:

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