“My Great Grandfather.”

By Dylan Stanley Sanders (age 7)

“My great grandfather is called Vincent James Sanders. And he was a solider in the 2nd world war.

I used to think that my great grandfather was just an ordinary great grandfather, but now I know more about him he is more special to me and now he has died. If he was still alive now I would have loved to see him, even if I was a tiny baby and I met him, I would always remember meeting him. But I only saw my great aunty that was his wife. Vincent was a brave man, going in the war, fighting for Great Britain, (Vincent was a Major, so he got a big trophy).

Because Vincent’s second name was Sanders, soldiers called him Sandy. On Saturday 23rd May 2015 I found a secret Field Service Pocket Book and it said on the first page ‘Not To Be Published’.

I also found his old diary. On one page of his diary in September, 1939 he wrote ‘War Declared’.

Vincent was a musician and a songwriter. He played the piano like me and my brother. At the top of this page is one of his songs.

He died in 2003 when he was 95 and a half. I was born in 2007 4 years after he died. If he was still alive I would go to a café with him and I would say I am very proud of you going into the war and fighting. I would ask him two questions, Did you like living in Leigh on sea? and Did you miss your children and your wife when you was in the war?”

This was written by my son Dylan Sanders, aged seven. I have published it here without making any edits. You can read Dylan’s first story on Medium, ‘My name is Dylan and I am seven years old.’

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