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Winning at all costs costs a lot… and after this election cycle it will. The segregationist/nativist rhetoric coming of the GOP will splinter this nation worse than the Civil War did. The GOP holds sole responsibility for this dysfunction. They recruited the segregationist of the to join the Republican Party and, as payback, it adopted aspects of its racist agenda; like handicapping the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act. Then came the neo-liberals with their irrational unregulated free market economic delusions, and the neo=conservatives, with the wayward belief that United States military might can forcibly democratize the word. Well both these philosophies have worked well, huh? Add the canard of what is “supply side economics,” and all the wedge issues, like abortion, contraception, prayer in school and the “War on Christmas,” you have the beginnings of a cluster fuck. Well, the straws that broke the camel’s back were the Tea Party and Donald Trump. Yet, the chefs behind this fucked up situation are none other than Roger Ailes and all the other right wing radio shits; fundamentalists and evangelicals of the Jerry Falwell, 700 Club ilk; and the paranoid, schizophrenic conspiratorialists.

You made it, GOP. Own it!

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