Advertising Does Not Create Brand Experiences

So many of the traditional marketers still believe that this is the golden era, when ads actually meant something. Now with so many ads bombarding the consumer daily, ads are losing its value. In the words of the great marketer Al Reis, “Advertising has become art rather than a sales booster”. Art is judged by its look and its “creativity” whereas ads have become the same thing. It’s more about can the consumer “remember our punch line” rather than will they go buy our product. Where is the brand experience?

When creating a brand experience, a brand must have some type of credibility and we all know advertisements have none. But that’s not something that’s unusual. Their job is to convince you that their product/service is the best on the planet. That’s understood. However in creating a brand experience the brand actually has to engage and interact with the consumer. An experience does not entail a sales pitch, such as what an ad would provide. An experience contains and emotional journey and a motivation that creates a notion within the consumer to not only buy the product or service but to continue to buy. The Apple experience when you go into the store does not need an ad on how the store works, it’s in the journey the consumer goes through. Starbucks does not need to advertise the way people act in a Starbucks. It’s the emotional attachment it has created when the consumer walks through those doors and smells that coffee aroma and sees other people catching up with old friends or doing some work on their laptop. That journey that brands create when the consumer arrives is what creates a brand experience. To truly experience something one must interact with it. Amazon’s experience is interactive from wherever there is Internet. Advertising does not create an experience and to become a stand out brand amongst so many brands, one must create an experience.

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