Politics or Product Management?
Joshua Baer

Devil’s Advocate: Uber and Lyft customized their solution for NYC. But that’s a huge B2B2C sale, right? Sure. Uber customized their solution for Houston. Lyft decided that they wouldn’t. Uber apparently doesn’t show passenger ratings in Chicago. In some cities they interoperate with taxis.

Maybe Austin isn’t big enough for Uber to spend time customizing their workflow for, even though there are enough trips to make carpooled rides feasible (albeit at a 10% discounts to the drivers running them) over a large portion of town. But, continuing the B2B2C analogy, Prop 1 was a marketing campaign of “we believe our product is so good that we’ll sell it the way it is or we don’t sell it at all”. Even though in developing markets where Uber isn’t the top dog they localize extensively.

As an aside, the “global network effect” a few folks keep talking about assumes that the jet set is responsible for a relatively high percentage of fares. Would be interesting to find out what the breakdown on cross-market rides are by fare class. Not needing to advertise your TNC at the airport saves money, certainly, but how much benefit does it give?

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