Title II on cable via cable regs, Title II on copper via POTS LEC regs, but fiber didn’t have Title…
Tim Sylvester

Please provide your source for the cable regs. Which as I recall aren’t Title II. You may be thinking of line-sharing requirements, which only really applied for Local Loop Unbundling. Without which we wouldn’t have CLECs. And a ton of the more innovative providers have their roots as CLECs.

Also, if the shared access requirement (which appears to be what you’re talking about) was front and center, why do some areas of town have competing cable infrastructure, and why does neither provider have anyone else providing service on their lines (Earthlink on TWC might as well not count at this point)?

For what it’s worth, the shared-fiber-last-mile idea does appear to work, though it is rare. UTOPIA is really the only sizable deployment of it.

Finally, if Title II was such a horrible thing for cable, and if it doesn’t apply to fiber, why is Altice the only provider bothering to switch from cable to fiber? Nearly everyone else is staying with coax-based techs. So either a “Title II encumbered” access medium isn’t a big deal enough to write home about, or there’s something else in play here. What might that be?

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