Voter Fraud: Go On The Offensive

Today, president Trump threatened federal investigations of voter fraud which he claimed, affected 3–5 million votes in the recent presidential election. (1) He presumed these were votes for Hillary Clinton, but the evidence doesn’t support that.

Recently, the few investigations that have been conducted into voter fraud reveal a striking pattern. The Wisconsin Supreme Court cited this example in upholding the states voter ID laws, in two different cases: A citizen voted 13 times for a Republican governor, Scott Walker (2). Similarly, a Republican voter (and possibly two comrades) voted illegally in Iowa in 2016. (3) This bad behavior goes as far as the Republican national committee (4) employing people who toss out voter registration forms, hoping that citizens that might vote Democratic would think they are registered, but they are in truth not because their forms have been discarded. In Michigan, four staffers of a Republican congressman were indicted for election fraud in 2012 and the state attorney general said the Republican Congressman was “asleep at the switch.” (5) These are just the ones that got caught! Imagine how many times the clever GOP operatives voted!

Rhetoric 1: “President Trump says millions of illegal ballots were cast, yet senior republicans like Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham refuse to back an investigation. What are they frightened of? Do they know something about the election that they don’t want the public to know?”

Rhetoric 2: “Call Attorney General Sessions’ office and ask him to support a wide-ranging special prosecutor to investigate claims of voter fraud and any other behavior by elected officials that affects the principle of one citizen one vote.”


(2) From the SC of Wisconsin ruling: A recent filing in Milwaukee County demonstrates that voter fraud is a concern. See State v. Monroe, 2014CF2625 (June 20, 2014), wherein the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office filed a criminal complaint against Robert Monroe that alleged 13 counts of voter fraud, including multiple voting in elections and providing false information to election officials in order to vote.



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