Second Week at Galvanize

Coming up towards the end of the second week with the Galvanize Full stack program — this week has been more intense in some ways than the last. We went deeper into discussing some interesting javascript problems, bubble sort, pull-requests in git, and yesterday got into the basics of test driven development using Jasmine — a command line tool, and also a code nitpicking tool call exercism. Exercism reminds me of a more stylized version of coderbyte. After listening to a podcast from “newbietocode” it was also interesting to discover that exercism was potentially created by someone who used to be involved with galvanize in some way (Katrina Owen). We also had an outcomes coordinator come into the class with us to discuss our potential outcomes from the program and how to best prepare.

Below is one weekly class problem that caused quite a few headaches for me and perhaps others:

Part 1 — Using loops (don’t just use a bunch of console.log statements!), print out a simple ascii art triangle like the one below:

The main way to solve this that I found involved adding 1 space to each row, and than adding 2 additional stars to each row in a string before printing it out. There were also quite a few other interesting answers in the class.

my attempt:,console