Third Week at Galvanize

Just coming to the end of the third week at galvanize — where we have gotten deeper into dealing with Javascript, test driven development (with Jasmine), closures, a new sorting algorithm (merge-sort) ,and also working with the DOM (building a few interesting apps: painter and a memory-game without any jquery). I have previous experience working with Jquery and the DOM, but one thing that has been interesting for me to see has been learning ways of dealing with basic javascript commands (which make up jquery). For example: whereas in jquery to find an element you can just do :


but in plain javascript you can use a more specific ‘selector’ to do the same thing, for example:


It is obviously easier to do things with jquery — but I think that it is beneficial to use plain javascript for the purpose of being able to better deal with more complicated libraries in the future that don’t use jquery.

We also worked on putting together a few interesting projects including a memory/matching game here , and a few other projects relying completely on javascript. I can definitely say that my knowledge of javascript has been increasing. I also think that it would be interesting to add some features to the matching game to make it more interesting like using words/ a scrabble type aspect to etc, anyways it seems like the possibilities are many. In terms of the painting game it would be interesting to add other aspects like a range of brushes, different shapes / templates to paint with etc.