Are You Obsessed with Productivity?

Am I obsessed with productivity? Quite so. Am I good at it? Not quite. But I have learned so much about it from failing way too many times.

I used this royalty free photo because I’m in Tokyo right now and I love it.

It was 5:00am. I opened my eyes as I woke up grudgingly in a dark bedroom to a screaming baby monkey. Except that it wasn’t a screaming baby monkey. It was my alarm clock. It at least sounded like that to me.

There’s one thing you should know though — setting alarms has been a thing for me ever since. It’s something I’m used to. I’m actually a morning person so to speak. But today it just sounded eerier, more painful and more of a burden to come over and turn it off this time around. (You might have wondered what my alarm was, and it’s not actually a baby monkey it’s a built-in ring tone ‘Kalimbell’ and I must say that it’s quite effective.)

The result? I didn’t get up from it. Go figure. And it was’t until two hours later when I was able to lift my body up to a sitting position and contemplated on how crappy I felt. Before then, I had been either twisting, turning or falling asleep again.

Might there be a chance that any one of you has experienced something of the sort? I take that as an equivocal yes! I’m not surprised. There’s so many of us out there.

Flash back to a few mornings ago, things were totally different as I was perfectly checking off things on my morning checklist. I was in control. I woke up everyday feeling refreshed, rejuvenated with very little grogginess. As someone who has been quite addicted to ‘productivity’ for quite some time now, this felt like heaven. Imagine leaving for work at 7:30 am having finished a 30-minute HIIT session, having eaten breakfast, a shower and just perfectly ready; to-do list and planner in hand.

But newsflash, I’m back at it again as laziness and procrastination kicked in. ‘Resistance, as Steven Pressfield pointed out in his book, The War of Art, has silently crept in to my system unnoticed and strangled me, leaving me immobilized in my own primitive and sensual urges to seek instant gratification. I watched Youtube for hours and hours that lasted deep into the break of dawn; toppling down in one speedy and fluid motion the legacy that I’ve built for myself these past few months. Without a doubt, I feel absolute crap. It’s been ruining my cadence, the effectiveness and efficiency totally going downhill. It’s awful.

I’m no Tony Robbins or Simon Sinek. I’m no Gary Vaynerchuk nor am I a Steven Covey. I’m light-years behind any of those juggernauts in terms of productivity and getting things don. But I am going to talk about productivity today. Without a doubt in my mind, productivity is to be pursued no matter how much you fail. And this is what this story (post) exactly is, it’s a story of failure as I had just outlined before and the learning that I have drawn out of it.

One may pose the argument that “productivity” and “hustle” and all that stuff has never been this glorified in society than ever before. From all the motivational videos and personalities being circulated around the internet, you could definitely point out that it has been raised up and hoisted onto such a high pedestal these days. And with that I count myself as one of the accused in catching on to that hype. But why the hype in the first place though? Why on earth has it been more popular than ever before in history?… I personally believe that the world has gotten so fast-paced, and the dramatic shift has just become so apparent that it’s alarming. It’s obvious how the massive advancements in tech and communication are a parallel to the former — altogether splitting our attention and time into multiple pieces. We just have less time these days.

And if you’re not getting the most out of every second of you life fulfilling what you’ve set yourself out to do — be it a purpose, calling or mission — then have you considered how dreadful it will be to let regret harrow up your soul so excruciatingly during your final days in the rocking chair? Did it shake your guts to the point of trembling? It does to me every time.

So this isn’t obviously just a trend that has caught on and will soon die out. It’s become an impending necessity, more than ever before — to maximize that sacred limited resource that we all have been awarded— time.

Because once you reach that expiration date, what kind of life are you going to look back on?

Still Not As Productive…

So here I am, still unproductive as I want to be. But without a doubt this mere post has been more of a help to me than anyone reading this. Because as I finish this entry, I have been made more aware of the value of time and productivity.

Am I obsessed with productivity? Quite so. Am I good at it? Not quite. But I have learned so much about it from failing way too many times. Here’s a list

  1. ) Optimism is Vital
  2. ) Don’t be preoccupied by the idea of “being productive” but focus your attention on the significant things to you and maximize your time with it. Productivity is the result of doing so.
  3. ) Never give up. Keep Learning
  4. ) Morning and Evening Keystone Habits done consistently is the pillar of a great day

I have to stress on that last one as it indeed works wonders in helping me maximize all my time.

I’ve basically set a challenge to myself to rise above and crush it by posting this. Not feeling as productive as well? I’m with you buddy. So why don’t you do this with me?

Thanks for Reading.