I have been looking for a project that could showcase my technical abilities when applying for work as a developer. Recently I have been seeing these charts being created on /r/dataisbeautiful, but the creators were using spreadsheets and Photoshop to make them. Here’s a few examples from reddit:

They are very creative and aesthetically pleasing, but seems difficult to get this data for the thousands of TV shows on IMDb.

Perfect inspiration for creating software to replace tedious human work!

So I created TVCharts, a fullstack web application that takes the raw data files from IMDb datasets, stores them in…

None of us is as smart as all of us -Ken Blanchard


Quip has managed to take the most successful features from Google Docs, Evernote, and Confluence, then piece them together into a no-frills and distraction-free document library. What Google Docs did was truly disruptive to the office world, even if we all still buy the latest version of Word and upload them to Google Drive. But as an everything-to-everyone product, Google continues to add features for the masses. Contrast to Quip, which has a “get shit done” approach to creating and formatting documents. Quip takes it a step further…

You don’t have to be a developer to know that Wordpress is awesome. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Content creators love it cause they don’t need to know how to design or program anything to have a professional website.
  • Marketers love it for creating and self-managing blogs, landing pages, event sites, and company websites. They also won’t need to involve IT since there are many secure, scalable Wordpress hosts to choose from.
  • IT people love it for the same reason!

25% of Websites Built Last Year Made With Wordpress

It’s not just small companies and bloggers that are using Wordpress…

Wordpress is awesome, right? Having themes, plugins, and a separate core makes it easy to manage or add new features to customize a website. But what about when you have a handful (or more) to manage? They all need the same urgent plugin update at once, or maybe you want to add a similar new feature to all of them.

Spend your time getting ahead, not just keeping up.

It is time to graduate to Wordpress Multisite. Merge all of your websites into one master wordpress. Then easily update them all at once. …

Ian Ray

Human Swiss Army Knife

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