Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Hi all

In reply to Owen Jones’s article

With respect Owen there are two major problems with the premise of the article.

  1. It uses traditional poling techniques which we all know are getting things wrong on a regular basis. The polls called the last general election wrong, Corbyn’s election as Party Leader Wrong, the last major council elections wrong, and the Brexit vote wrong, in fact in the case of the Brexit poll they got it so wrong that investors in the stock market lost billions. 
    There is in fact only one poll source that reliably and correctly assesses voters choices, you may have heard of them, they are called elections.
    So here is a true and accurate polling fact:
    Under Jeremy Corbyn The Labour Party has won every by-election in most cases with an increased majority
  2. You are looking at what is essentially a push poll as it is inherently considering only Jeremy Corbyn as reason for people being upset with The Labour Party.
    If you go ask the grass routes what angers them the most, they will tell you it is the actions of a few people in the PLP and their failure to be loyal to the membership.
    That is what has triggered so many Labour Party voters to become active in the party. Like me they know it needs fixing.

Because let us admit it after the failures of the Blair era The Labour Party needs modernising and moving into the 21st century. There seems to be a failed establishment blocking the advancement of The Labour Party and Labour voters have decided on mass to clear the blockage. The labour voters who recently joined the are people from a wide range of backgrounds, from people with OBEs to the CEO’s of intentional companies to the unemployed and the student to the musician and the Plasterer, and they are all long term Labour voters sick of the old politics, and the failed blarite establishment. I know this because those are the people who joined at the same time as me and we all spoke to each other about this, in the pub, on the phone, at dinner parties, but most of all on social media.

You also need to realise the world is changing and the old fashioned Lame Stream Media (LSM) no longer has control of the Message. The biggest selling LSM red top, The Sun, has not even been able to muster 2 Million readers, since 2014 in fact it is haemorrhaging over a hundred thousand readers a year. My local Newspaper shop gives it away free with a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps, the publishers are that desperate to convince their advertisers they are still getting views.

The same applies to all the other print LSM all are in a terminal decline it is no better for Broadcast LSM, who trusts the BBC news nowadays? BSkyB is now having to offer six months free packages to entice existing customers to stay with them as soon as their contract comes up for renewal.

We are going through a media paradigm shift. From the old fashioned broadcast one way diktat to the era of two way communication. The only LSM that are surviving the paradigm shift are those that embrace the change and allow comments on all their pages. Readers and viewers just vote with the mouse click to the X button as to who is worth reading or watching. And if you don’t have feedback and comments section where they expect their voice to be heard with equal footing to the author or presenter, then expect them to loose interest. The public and the voter will no longer be silenced.

This then is also the end of the Murdoch controlled Blair/Cameron era. There is even rumour that the Sun will be closed down within the next year.

So The Labour Party needs to modernise and throw off the hasbeen Blairite era and its failed neo-liberal manifesto of delegated power under a representative model. It needs to embrace the high speed democratising influence of social media and accept the return to Forum democracy using electronic means

To do that it needs to move into the internet age. That is not going to happen with Owen Smith, I can not even find his Facebook Page, and the story about his twitter campaign is frankly embarrassing. You compare that with Jeremy Corbyn’s close to a Million Facebook followers all amplifying his message out to all of their friends, with each having an average of over 100 Friends and you have near total blanket coverage of the nation in most cases from multiple sources, and in may cases from the key opinion former sector of the population.

Perhaps when you realise this you will understand why the LSM and traditional polls no longer work.

Kind Regards Ian Walker