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Many people like to attend auctions, but not everyone knows the fascinating history behind them. Here are a few interesting facts about auctions:

Auctions have been recorded as early as 500 B.C. The word “auction” comes from the Latin word for “I increase” or “I augment”. This makes sense because this is exactly what bidders do in auctions when they add to the previous bid. The entire Roman Empire was put up for auction.

Many people get a thrill from big auctions, but this auction in 193 A.D. took…

Princess Diana’s Letters Sold at Auction

Letters written by the ‘honourable’ Lady Di were recently sold for thousands at auction.

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, who was the first wife of Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales, wrote countless letters throughout her lifetime and a handful were recently sold at a UK auction. Handwritten notes, seven in total, were sent to the head steward at the Buckingham Palace during the 1980s and 1990s. …

Expensive and treasured artwork once owned by David Bowie, the late, great English-born singer-songwriter, was unveiled for a public exhibition ahead of an auction. During the first day of the auction, which took place at Sotheby’s in London on Thursday, November 10th, approximately 47 pieces of artwork were auctioned off. Please visit the following link to learn more: http://ianwhittock.com/legend-david-bowies-pricey-artwork-sold-at-auction/

Approximately 1,200 items once owned by “Some Like it Hot” actress Marilyn Monroe will be auctioned next month. Nearly 800 items will be provided by the estate of famed acting coach and father figure Lee Strasberg, and some will yield from the collection of David Gainsborough-Roberts, a collector of Monroe’s costume. Among the items sold will be a tube of her incredible lipstick and her incomparable “Happy Birthday” dress, famously worn to celebrate JFK.

Julien’s Auctions will host the sale of numerous high-valued items this November, including the infamously tight, nude-colored ‘Happy Birthday’ gown once owned by one of the…

Only 50 percent of Digital Assets Management (DAM) programs are implemented successfully, according to a number of surveys. For that fortunate 50 percent, there’s a great deal of time saved and workflow can be streamlined. There are four important reasons why a person may way to use DAM for their life or business.

Workflow analysis: Workflow analysis can help a person to understand where their problem areas lie and how those issues came about. Whether the one wants to use a DAM to create an archive, organize collaborations, for publishing, or manage compliance, it’s important that the basics of a…

Landmark 80-room Italian castle, located in the foothills of the Dolomites, is to be sold for the first time in 650 years.

Owned by the same family since the fourteenth century, the turn-key (i.e. move in-ready) 35,520 square foot Castel Valer was constructed over 500 years, between 1200 and 1700. The lengthy project involves architecture from numerous eras: Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque. It’s a creation unlike any other, dressed with antique crown roof tiles, incomparable 15th and 26th century frescos, and fully-furnished interiors that are illuminated with custom-made antique pieces, which includes Venetian mirrors and glass chandeliers. …

For quite a while now, private-equity tycoon Guy Hands has been trying to sell Odeon. His plan may finally be coming to fruition since cinema chains in Mexico and Belgium have expressed interest.

The two companies have nearly identical names: Kinepolis in Brussels and Cinepolis based in Mexico City. According to city sources, Kinepolis and Cinepolis have both made it through a second round of bidding for Britain’s largest cinema chain.

A sale process has been running quietly since early in the year, and Kinepolis and Cinepolis are not the only ones competing. Odeon’s rival Vue also has an interest…

Throughout the years, there have been a number of trinkets that people have loved to collect. Collectors keep their collectibles in mint condition in the hopes that one day they will sell these items. But many collectors have found that these items are now cluttering up their garages, and they won’t be getting the sums of money they hoped for. Here are a few collectibles that ended up being worthless:

1) Andy Warhol Cookie Jars
After Andy Warhol died in 1987, his friends and family discovered his collection of antique cookie jars. At his estate sale, the cookie jars sold…

Could an internet marketplace revolutionize the longstanding business model established by auction houses?

Auction House Portal, which recently launched, is a reverse auction platform and startup company that connects global auction houses and luxury asset consignors. The platform is designed to bring positive changes to the auction industry, made possible by providing anonymous discounted auction fees, auction representation, and asset class expertise to anonymous consignors.

Warren Pickard, co-founder of Auction House Portal, indicated that the seller-auction house relationship is a centuries-old engagement that hasn’t been disrupted by technology until now. …

Surmising whether an antique is a worthless object or a precious heirloom can be a challenge if you’re not a professional appraiser. With that said, appraisers recently turned out in droves, gathering for the Laconia Historical and Museum Society’s “Antique Appraisal Day” in Laconia, located in the northern U.S. state New Hampshire. The event took place Saturday, April 16.

Dozens of individuals arrived at the Laconia Antique Center, bringing a variety of items to be appraised. Items ranging from painting to pocket watches were assessed for their value. In order to have items evaluated by a panel of antique experts…

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