Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

Dear Trent,

Reading your point of view was hard for me. It was like all my fears in Trump America coming true. You sounded very privileged to me. Unlike the “middle class America” you tried to describe. And you voted for Trump.

You are nothing like jobless, middle class American you’ve attempted to relate with in your article. As well as being a male as opposed to being a female, like me. You are not first generation born American. I am. My parents were refugees from China and Russia. You have no idea how hard it is to work hard for every penny you earn.

Now with Trump in office, my fear of not being male or a WASP is very real. So real that our environmental concerns and efforts in preserving Mother Earth might as well be for naught. So real that the alt right groups in America will spew their hatrism in any form they wish. So real that our abortion rights will be non-existent. So real that our friends and family who are not the right color or religion will be prosecuted and torn away from their loved ones. So real and fresh that even privileged white males like you, will be like, “What the fuck?” “He’s my friend. He didn’t do anything to deserve this.” And then you’ll know.

Thank you for voting for Swamp Trump and all his Swamp Trumppers.