*New Series Coming Soon* on Political Ideologies

In the near future, I will be beginning a series in which I will concern myself with analyzing different political ideologies and governmental structures (or lack thereof).

I hope to keep each posting relatively short and easy(ish!) to read and understand. In each posting, I will have three sections: first, I will explain the ideals behind said government structure; secondly, I will analyze it, noting its pros and cons; and thirdly, I will comment on its ease of its implementation and the realism of its success. Enjoy!

(Caveat: This series will be a long, ongoing series, which will be interspersed between my other, usual segments. Thank you for reading.)

Here is a sample of the ideologies I will be introducing:

Comment where you believe yourself to stand in the political spectrum!

Originally published at themoap.wordpress.com on February 22, 2016.