Flesky — How to Become a Type-fu Master

Fleksy is definitely a keyboard to try out. Officially the fastest keyboard in the world, it is the most fun and customizable way to type. It has some of the best predictions and allows you customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and colorful themes. Interestingly, it also has emoji & GIF support.

The setup is quick and seamless with a starting tutorial that is completely interactive, using a digital instructor who walks you through how to use the app.

Flesky requires a little learning which might be a turn off for some people, but if you take the time to learn the system you can become very productive and versatile on your phone or tablet.

How it Works

First I have to inform you, Flesky lacks gesture typing, which is a bit disappointing but it does employ some interesting gestures. For example, most keyboards use a “press and hold delete key” gesture to delete words, Fleksy however, uses a super-quick backward swipe. That is, swipe left across the keyboard to delete the previous word. Other interesting gestures include: swipe right to add a space, flick up from the bottom left corner to Shift, drag right from the left corner to bring the Symbols keyboard, or drag left from the right corner to bring out the Emojis.

To really study the keyboard, go to the Submit Feedback menu, and browse the knowledge base.

Flesky has some of the best predictions. If the right word isn’t automatically inserted in the text, but has appeared in the list of suggestions, just flick down to select your desired word. Also, Flick right twice, and you get a full-stop and interval, or flick down immediately after you flicked right, and you will change the punctuation like you did with words. You can also choose to have the space bar button on your keyboard, as well as select the size of your keyboard.

To improve your predictions, you can sign in with Google and connect to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also edit its dictionary to suit your style.

Fleksy is a bit gamified, allowing you to unlock new styles and themes by earning various badges. This can be fun and engaging and these achievements can also be shared on social media. Who said typing had to be boring?

Themes and extensions change how Fleksy looks and works. The GIF keyboard extension is one of the most remarkable features of Flesky. It’s a collection of reaction GIFs — short, animated images popularly used in memes — organized by category. There’s also an extension to have an invisible keyboard.

What I liked About Flesky?

· Unique gestures

· Cool looking themes

· Super fast keyboard

· ‘Invisible’ keyboard plugin

· Custom extensions

· Emojis & Gif integrations

· Exceptional auto correction

· Supports about 40 languages

What could be improved?

· No swipe functionality: Swiping is one of the most convenient features of most 3rd party keyboard apps. The ability to swipe from letter to letter to get you the word you want is a huge feature that many has adopted and may not live without.

  • Slight learning curve: Fleksy is quite fast but might take a while to master and frankly speaking, most people lack the patience.

That being said, I liked the app. I believe if you really spend time with it, you’ll become a type-fu master.

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