Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 — Amazing updates and Craft by Invision

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Hi, Medium! This is my first article, and I want to share my delight about new Photoshop. Photoshop CC 2017 was released on the 2 November 2016. I installed it yesterday, and would like to tell you about a lot of variations. I switched on this version from CC 2015, and there are such changes as:

Interface of application

Now Photoshop is flat, minimalistic much more possible, as it can be. It has round buttons, new window of creating document and some other features.

Create new document — ⌘ + N

So, on the screen of creating document you have a lot of possibilities.

Categories: Recent (your recent open files), Saved, Photo, Print, Art & Illustration, Web, Mobile, Film & Video. In every category you can choose blank document preset, i.e. iPad Pro, 1000 pixels grid, iMac 27. 
And the most amazing feature are templates from Adobe Stock library. You can search, what you need, download it, and use for your purpose.

Aroma UI Kit from Adobe Stock


Another cool feature is search. If you have a lot of layers and text information, and you have to make edits in content, you can just press ⌘+F and enter necessary information. And this is not everything what you can do with this function. Also you will be able to search in Photoshop, Help of Adobe and Adobe Stock.

Search in Photoshop (⌘+F)


If you want to improve your selection result, you can use button Select and Mask, after selecting by Quick Selection Tool (W) or any other selection tool. For example, if you want to place this cute corgi on the Central Park.

Select and Mask… Feature

You click this button and you can easily smooth corners, set up feather, contrast etc. Then you are copying it on new layer (⌘+J) and placing it on your image.

Pasting selection in the new image


Now you can play in The Sims in Photoshop! You can change properties of eyes, nose, mouth, face shape. This feature is definitely amazing for photographers and other people who want to fine tune their appearance and see preview.

Liquify feature

Integration in Adobe XD

If you are using Invision, Marvel or some other app for interactive prototyping, you will be glad to know, that now PSD can be integrated in Adobe Experience Design. All you need, is to copy SVG and paste in the artboard in the Adobe XD.

Integration on Adobe XD

Now you don’t need internet for creating amazing prototypes. Just copy and paste it and be ready to work!

Craft by Invision

A few days ago I saw amazing feature from Invision, which calls Inspect. It reliefs designers’ and developers’ collaboration. It converts your .PSD or .Sketch into version, which shows all properties of elements, position, font size, colors etc. But this feature required higher version, which I had. So, now I can use plugin Craft and easily sync my PSD mockups into Invision.

I was really surprised, when I saw some other possibilities of this plugin Craft. I used to use Uinames for my work before, but now I can do it inside of Photoshop. Also, if you need to add any images in shapes, you can do it by three ways in Photoshop: from your folder, from Dropbox and from Unsplash.

Craft plugin

I hope, you will enjoy new Photoshop CC 2017 and get a lot of impressions by using it. Good luck!