Extreme Parenting for Extreme Children

Also a father of 2 kids you would call ‘extreme’. Also I have ‘extreme’ parented a few times. If it needs to be done for the good of the child (and the sanity of those around), it’d better be done. But definitely I cannot be proud of the times I let my temper take over. That is bad example, it will probably teach my children to be even more extreme, and worst of all, it can lead to an unfortunate outcome (like you having an accident, or even running over somebody, or unwillingly hurting your child). Parenting can and must be done in a controlled way. Always. Otherwise it can easily become a mere abusive self relief. They can be a nightmare to deal with, still they are 3 or 4 times lighter than ourselves. Other than that, I see and share your points. I also went through all this ‘supernanny’ tips and tricks to realise they just don’t work with certain kids. Like mine. But can I blame them? They didn’t work with me either. I remember pointing it out to the psycologist in kindergarten school and he said ‘well, right, sometimes they just doesn’t work’. Nice to hear, at least you can finally stop thinking you might be applying it somewhat incorrectly. But we just can’t justify getting out of control. No matter what.

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