A German degree is like a German car. Wins respect all over the world

What better example to explain the benefits of German engineering than their cars? Their build quality, aesthetics and power makes each of them an engineering marvel. That quality is a result of the quality of education that’s provided by the renowned engineering colleges in Germany. This is where IAS College makes a difference with its course designed for foreign students to reap the many benefits of German Education. First in the line is ICPF-Tech, created for qualified engineers from around the world to join their masters course in the finest of German Universities. Let’s see what all ICPF-Tech offers.

Through ICPF-Tech, an MS in Germany is easy. ICPF-Tech is a one-year course offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach. The course comes with an Engineering Management module apart from several other modules that familiarizes students with the professional scenario in Germany. The intercultural modules are meant to expose students to the German culture and lifestyle, which includes training ranging from table-etiquette, presentation skills and much more. Another area that ICPF Tech will make an engineer smart in is the language. We have language training experts who can make your German strong enough to wade your way through the corporate ladder. In addition to general German, you will also learn technical German to equip yourself for the competitive industry scenarios. The engineering management module will provide students with a definitive advantage as management learnings are necessary for the emerging industrial practices which are getting increasingly competitive. At the end of the course, IAS College will award each student with a maximum of 60+ credits depending on the academic performance which they can partly use in the university they choose to do their masters in. These are a few reasons why ICPF-Tech should be your first option if you would like to pursue engineering masters in Germany.

This is a smart move for any ambitious engineer. Because, with an MS from Germany, you will win the respect and attention of global giants in the industry, just like a German car. If you are an engineer seeking growth in your career, there is no better way to do it than get a Masters from a German engineering college and to do that, the easiest path is ICPF-Tech.