How about an exciting Bachelor Life in Germany?

It’s not an impossible dream when you have AQUAS to back you up. After school, join AQUAS offered by IAS College and Designschule Schwerin and then, Study Bachelors in Germany. So, what is AQUAS? It is nothing but Academic Qualification for University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It makes you eligible for the final exam certification which allows you to pursue your preferred course. Now, here is why you should join AQUAS and why you shouldn’t miss the big opportunity.
 Students Life in Germany: Imagine a student life where you have your classmates from all over Europe and other countries. Since Germany is an education destination, students from all over the world aspire to join professional colleges and universities. You will never find such diversified campuses elsewhere. Plus, your academics will only get better from here on, thanks to the experienced professors and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
 Language not a barrier: You might think German language will be a big hurdle for you since you are just out of school. Don’t worry. When you join AQUAS, it not only opens up Bachelor Courses in Germany, it also prepares you with sufficient German, the lifestyle and culture lessons and makes you ready for the final exam. It’s a Pre Bachelor Program in Germany that covers all this and much more, right after school. Isn’t that cool?

Options, options: University of Applied Sciences gives you unlimited opportunities and choices. It offers a variety of basic competences powered by a global perspective, which will benefit students immensely when they enter their respective professions. Innovative training, outdoor programs, and skills development are part of University of Applied Sciences courses. But without AQUAS, all this is far from reach for any international student. This summer, think differently, and who knows? You might be smart enough to land a dream course in this land of ideas. After school, go fly.