How Much German You Really Need

There’s no doubt that you can survive in Germany even if you don’t speak German. Most of the universities are really international — many students come from abroad and tend to speak English to each other. But when knowing the German language you have a much better chance to get a place at a university and on top of that you have a bigger choice of subjects. When applying for a job it is also highly appreciated to be able to communicate in German language. In hospitals e.g. German is a must! Medical Doctors from abroad must be able to understand patients and colleagues; they must be able to give instructions…

In general you can recognize that to be able to speak German offers many advantages and open doors as it allows you to get to know people much more quickly, understand the local culture a lot better and communication is much easier. You are much more likely to really enjoy your time in Germany if you speak the language.

This is why any International Students in Germany is advised to take a language course beforehand or when starting their studies in Germany.

Your way to success — Join pre-programs from IAS!

The pre-programs do not only prepare for German language AND special terminology but also for later career. Therefore programs include — depending on the chosen field (Med/Tech), company/industry visits, workshops, seminars as well as observerships in hospitals for doctors. Social and cultural integration top the pre-programs off.