MD Specialization in Germany. The Dream Comes One Step Closer

Yes, that’s what happens when you choose to make the smart move. ICPF-Med is a one-year course that helps qualified doctors from around the world to do their Higher Studies in Germany. This may sound like any other preparatory course but when you discover the exclusive benefits of this course, you will know that this is a unique course.

ICPF-Med is offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach to make Facharzt in Germany an achievable dream. ICPF Med is designed around the prospects of a budding medical professional. In a year’s time it will make you proficient in German language so that the first block to your masters and a brilliant career is taken off the track. Also it will familiarise you in fields that are necessary for your chosen discipline and gets you in groove with the procedures and method of working as practised by the hospitals and clinics here. Acquiring approbation, admission to your preferred universities and exposure to new learning methods and getting used to the professional atmosphere in this foreign country — these are a few of the benefits that this course gives you. In the end comes a surprise though. You get 60+ credits that you can put to use in your university. This means by the time you enter your choice of university, you are well-versed with the professional practices in your area of expertise, the German language, lifestyle, culture and people. Rarely do students enter a foreign university with all that advantage. It will definitely give you an added edge when it comes to academics. Now that’s going to come handy, isn’t it, doctors?

So, that’s what ICPF Med (Study Medicine in Germany) is all about. You get to your dream a little faster and more efficiently than through any other route.