New Students Arriving in Germany

Arrival in Germany was a great experience. Even though I am new in Germany without having any knowledge of German I found my way through customs and the train station and traveled from Hamburg Airport to Schwerin. The German people are really friendly and very helpful. They helped me to find my train and to buy the tickets. It was really mind blowing about German railways and the punctuality of the trains. It was clean and offered lots of room. After the train ride I was picked up at Schwerin Main Station and brought to my Accommodation. IAS went there with me and explained everything about the house rules and the contract. Now I have a nice room in an apartment that I share with other students I quickly became friends with. First classes were very informative and we were given all necessary information. Even could ask about a lot. Now the next step is to get better accustomed to everything, studying and passing the first test. It was nice first time experience for me in Germany and I am looking forward to more experiences in this (quite cold in the winter) beautiful country.

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