Study Bachelors/Masters — Choose yours

Bachelor at FHM:

Bachelor of Engineering (dual studies) :

With focus civil engineering
With focus mechanical engineering
With focus energy and environment
Bachelor of Science (dual studies):

B. Sc. construction phase management
B. Sc. technology management
Link for detailed information:

Bachelor of Arts:


B.A. architecture and real estate management
B.A. Banking and Finance
B.A. Business Administration
B.A. International Business Administration
B.A. Marketing Management
Health — related:

B.A. Health Management
B.A. Medical Sports and Health Management
B.A. Curative Pedagogy
Link: For more study subjects and detailed information visit: or

Master at FHM:

Master of Science :

M. Sc. Operations and Communications Psychology
For further information visit:

Master of Arts:

M.A. International Management
For further information visit:

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