Why Should Every Doctor Consider ICPF-Med?

You just finished your medicine program. Congratulations. Aiming for higher-studies? Let us tell you how to be smart about it. Do a short course that will clear your way to Germany and its endless possibilities in the medical field.

What is ICPF-Med?

ICPF-Med is a one year course offered by IAS and University of Allensbach that prepares foreign medical doctors for Higher Studies in Germany. By doing this course, you will learn to channel your skills in a way that’s best to advance your Studies in Germany and at a later point when you get into your career; you will land the best because you will be fully aware of your opportunities and potential.

The course includes carefully designed modules to enable to you to explore Germany in a way that suits your chosen profession. For example, the vocabulary course in ICPF-Med (Study Medicine in Germany) concentrates on medical field more than anything else. There is also intercultural training to make you familiar with the way of life in the country so that your communication with the local community becomes effortless. It also has a module to train you to talk to patients with ease. All this is apart from modules on German Healthcare System, psychiatric exploration, patient examination, diagnosis, case sheet writing and much more. So by the end of the year, you would have learned everything to pursue higher studies and it will also prepare you with information necessary to seek a career in Germany, or Europe. ICPF-Med takes away all the troubles of pursuing higher studies in a foreign country and instead helps you ease into it. If you are a qualified medical doctor, this is the time you should join the course before it’s late. Germany awaits.