Wismar celebrated its annual “Schwedenfest”

The City of Wismar celebrated its annual “Schwedenfest” last weekend.
As part of IAS Programs students are explored to a great opportunity for gaining an insight into its cultural activities and traditional values.

Schwedenweg” is a time travel through the history of the city of Wismar. A parade started in front of the town hall. Marching bands from Germany and Sweden accompanied military and historical associations of both participating countries. There are traditional soldiers from Sweden as well as visitors and well known people from the city of Wismar in historical costumes all prepared to walk the “Schwedenweg”.

The parade lead through the old city of Wismar, passed buildings and places with a symbolic character relating to the time when Wismar was occupied by the Swedish troops. The commander’s house on the market place, the Royal Swedish tribunal at “Fürstenhof” or the arsenal (“Zeughaus”) are some examples.

Choirs, marching bands, dancing groups and stuntmen participated in the parade to entertain the spectators of the festival by performing little show acts each lasting a few minutes. Therefore, the parade stopped several times.

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