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astroEPO Shorts: Friday, 20 March

Hello Friday! Catch up with some astroEPO updates for the weekend:

List of live webcasts of Total Solar Eclipse (enjoy!)
On 20 March at 8:30UT, this nature’s beauty will visit Europe and the North Atlantic, allowing millions of people to witness it. But those who are not lucky enough to be on the path of the solar eclipse, here’s a list of live webcasts.

Science of solar eclipse (well explained)
People at explains very nicely and clearly how solar and lunar eclipses work. Pretty handy video to share during your outreach efforts.

From Mars One to Mars Zero (nowhere to go!)
No money, no process, no explanation: an insider speaks out on the hopelessly flawed scheme of Dutch non-profit, Mars One.

An Interactive Guide to Nutrition and the Human Body (very cool)
We all need vitamins to maintain our wellbeing. But how do vitamins really work? This Vitamin Atlas goes back to basics with illustrations and explanations that will help you understand the complex interactions that keep us healthy.


astroEPO shorts brings you cool astrocomm and astroedu content weekly…

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