astroEPO Shorts: Friday, 3 July

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Friday again, oh yeah! Here is some reading for the weekend:

A brief history of timekeeping (tick tock)
It’s time for another leap second! On 30 June, we added a second to our clocks. Here’s a great video explaining how we have measured the second over the years.

An opportunity to get your astronomy project funded (YES!)
International Astronomical Union’s Office of Astronomy for Development announced their annual call for proposals to fund unique, creative projects. This is a great opportunity to turn your brilliant ideas into action.

Gender in science reporting (how-to guide)
Gender-sensitive reporting means taking into account the impact of science on women and men. It is important to check whether research was carried out in a gender-sensitive way. Here’s an excellent guide prepared by SciDev to help you on how to consider gender in science reporting.

Possibly the largest astronomical image in the world? (yes, please!)
Quite a lot goes into an astronomical image before it goes public. Here’s an in-depth view of ten challenges of producing an astronomical gigapixel image.


astroEPO shorts brings you cool astrocomm and astroedu content weekly…