astroEPO Shorts: Sunday, 21 June

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Happy Solstice! Enjoy astroEPO updates:

We heard from Philae (but how?!)
After the news of Philae, the Rosetta Flight Control Team switched into high gear, with a great deal of coordination work now being carried out with the flight dynamics experts at ESOC as well as with the Rosetta Science Ground Segment (RSGS/ESAC), the Philae Lander Control Centre team (DLR Cologne) and the lander science operations centre (SONC), at CNES/Toulouse. Here’s a detailed account on how the team heard from Philae.

Everything about space rovers (you ever wanted to know!)
Space rovers are vehicales designed to move across the surface of celestial bodies and planets. From manned moon rovers to incredible autonomous laboratories, they play a crucial role in our pursuit of cosmic knowledge. This infographic shows Mars and Moon rovers.

Major big science projects already underway (infographic)
As the Large Hadron Collider is booted up again, here’s a look at some of the other huge, multi-million-pound projects taking place worldwide, including an alient-hunting telescope in South Africa, and Japan’s remarkable magnetic railway.

Using Twitter to communicate conservation science (beyond professional conferences)
Scientists are increasingly using Twitter as a tool for communicating science. Twitter can promote scholarly discussion, disseminate research rapidly, and extend and diversify the scope of audiences reached. However, scientists also caution that if Twitter does not accurately convey science due to the inherent brevity of this media, misinformation could cascade quickly through social media.


astroEPO shorts brings you cool astrocomm and astroedu content weekly…