Cloud — from a layman’s perspective

Ask anyone today about cloud / cloud computing, you wont be surprised that many would know about it. Or at least must have heard about Cloud. (Oh! Not the clouds that help us with rains … sorry will not crack such lame jokes further on). But yes, 4 years back, cloud computing was new, now people are at-least aware about it.

Easy access to information, low cost (comparatively) infrastructure and enhanced security of the information — does make cloud computing very tempting. This has mostly made a way — for common people to use cloud storage, more frequently / regularly. Let us seek an example of Cloud drives which you use — for sharing files, for working in a collaborative environment — DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive etc. We would like to share some features of

Dropbox which you should start using –

Source —

Now that we know how cloud computing is used by us, lets explore further about cloud in the upcoming posts. We at iAuro, have been consistently pushing for cloud-based solutions, here is our page, speaking about cloud solutions made by us.

PEAK MEETINGS — is an app which helps you collaborate over the meetings — which has multiple device-syncing feature. It is easy to take notes, share documents, follow clear agenda and get the meetings done smoothly.

Team iAuro has made a mammoth effort to get the concept rolling and is super successful as enterprise solutions. Read More here — PEAK MEETINGS

Originally published at on October 17, 2015.

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