3 Reasons to Choose Full Synthetic Oil Changes in Arizona

The vast majority of drivers today still choose a conventional oil change over a synthetic oil change. Sure, it is cheaper and the oil is SAE tested and approved as “good enough” for your car’s engine. But, just as only one headlight is “good enough” for night driving and tires with 10% tread remaining are “good enough” for winter conditions, “good enough” is rarely if ever a comfortable position.

Conventional vs. Synthetic

Everyone knows that oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It is the first and only line of defense in the fight against heat, wear, and warping of your engine’s internal components. Conventional oils, though improved in recent decades, have maintained the same basic composition based on purified crude-based oil. As they are produced by mother nature, the molecules are irregular in size and dispersion. These irregularities limit the heat stability, viscosity, and penetrating properties of conventional oils. These limitations may be helped by the addition of lubricants and detergents, but the fact remains that they are clear limitations.

Synthetic oils are a completely different animal. These oils are engineered to exhibit completely uniform molecular structure and size. They are designed with additives and friction modifiers fused directly into the molecular structure for perfect dispersion. This creates oils with heat transfer and adhesion properties that are impossible to attain with conventional oils.

Advanced Technology Warrants Advanced Technology

Engine technology has progressed immensely since the inception of the automobile. Precision machining and sophisticated engine control and monitoring sensors have allowed for the development of high-revving, high-power engines that are also completely reliable for daily use. The type of power and torque efficiency produced by modern engines was unheard of 50 or even 25 years ago. So the question is, why would you trust an engine oil developed 50 years ago to protect your modern engine?

The precision engineered engines and turbo systems of today’s high-end sports cars demand the type of performance only synthetic oils can offer. Even vehicles that come equipped with conventional oils can benefit from the smoother and cooler operation they are sure to gain with a synthetic oil change. Many of the top performance and luxury car manufacturers strictly specify the use of synthetic oils. Through cooler operation and reduced friction, synthetic oil use also has the added benefit of extending engine life for engines of all types.

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