Better Angels Hits the Road

The One America bus tour is officially underway

Better Angels is national, bipartisan movement to bridge our political divide by bringing Democrats and Republicans together for facilitated discussions and workshops that help people clarify disagreements, reduce rancor and stereotyped thinking, and find common ground.

The gatherings aren’t meant to get people to change their views — but rather to give folks a chance to move past the insults, turn down the heated rhetoric, and form relationships of respect with those on the other side of the aisle.

On July 4th, Better Angels launched its One America bus tour in Waynesville, Ohio with a benefit concert featuring Tea Party member and country music star Richard Lynch singing alongside longtime liberal activist and folk music legend Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary:

Country meets folk for a rollicking rendition of “This Land Is Your Land”

On July 5th, Better Angels held its first depolarization workshop of the tour, bringing together 9 Democrats and 9 Republicans in Lebanon, Ohio for a structured discussion that enabled participants to explain their positions and understand the other side without stereotyping or demonizing.

The gathering gave local Trump supporters and critics a chance to express themselves without vitriol — and find new areas of common ground.

“I think we’re all tired of being labelled,” said one participant, “There’s so much more common ground than you would think listening to the TV”
Democrats (on the outside) listen to their Republican neighbors (on the inside) explain their positions.

Several of the participants — on both sides — agreed to keep meeting and join the existing Better Angels affiliate in Southwestern Ohio and work to identify issues with bipartisan support.

After holding another gathering tonight in Dayton, Ohio, the bus tour heads down South to Nashville, before coming back up to the Rust Belt and over to the East Coast. Local residents can sign up to get involved at

In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, and watch the video below to get a better sense of Better Angels’ potential to depolarize our country:

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