Karachi is a cosmopolitan city and the people move around the class. The population is growing very fast and the traffic issue is one the major problem for karachites. I being an MBA student have tried to give some idea to sort this issue out.

People rarely follow the traffic signals which is one the major issue of this traffic chaos which we have to go through every day. If this signal following could be properly implemented than a lot could be sorted. In this regard i think that signals should have barrie along with them. When the light is green they should be lifted up and when it goes yellow the barrie starts to come down. Till the red light period these barrier should be down with line so no one can break the signal and cross them.

This could help them in many ways, there would be no need of man power to stand by there which would obviously reduce cost of traffic poloice work force and also help to avoid the severe traffic jams in the city

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