Security Issue

Pakistan is a developing country and we have many utility problems in our governmental system. Efforts are taking place from every sector of life to cope up with those issue and we also need to play our part. I have an innovative idea regarding security issue of our country and specially our city.

The crime ratio is very high in karachi which need to be resolved and our law enforcing agencies are trying really hard, i think technology should play its part. Drone should act as a policeman, we have CCTV cameras which mostly records the crime but they cannot follow the criminal and that would be done by the drone. The drone follows the criminal until the police gets active and start following them. Drone follows the criminal and they will guide the nearest police mobile to come and take the lead in this way it would not be possible for the criminals to escape and the police will also get some relaxation. They do not have to stand on the roads and do the patrolling all the time

May allah bless our city

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