Hidden Paradise In The Land Of Sumba, Indonesia

Talking about the beauty of Indonesia is not going to an end. There are so many places that fascinate us to love this country more and more! Indonesia hides so many hidden ‘paradise’ that is very pity to miss.

Especially if we talk about how beautiful eastern of Indonesia is, wow! We are going to have a lot of stories that we want to tell. The best this is we have to talk about Sumba, the place with so many hidden places that call for us to explore it.

One of the great hidden paradises that made us want to explore was the TANGGEDU WATERFALL which is located in Tanggedu Village, Kanatang District, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

This waterfall is also known as Twin Canyon, because of its relativity in the form of unique rock cliffs extending around the flow of water. Unlike waterfalls in general, Tanggedu The water flows from a low cliff. This waterfall is quite unique with clean blue water located in a hidden place.

The access to this place is still unpredictable so our vehicle must be parked in the houses of local residents and continue the journey by foot about 2.5 km. The trip will not feel heavy and long because you’ll see the beautiful views of Indonesia during the trip. Don’t forget to stop and look around you!

Have a nice day! Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Sumba. Happy travel and leave no trash!

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Originally published at http://ibadahmimpi.com on January 24, 2019.