Building a Text, Audio and Video Chat Web App Using WebRTC and Ratchet
Amir Sanni

i am trying to run the app on two different computer connected via home router with one as a server running server.php but i am facing a problem . I dont know where to put the server ip address and where to put the clients ip address in server.php file .I have already put my server ip address const wsChat = new WebSocket(“ws://".

whats wrong in the code below ?

require ‘../vendor/autoload.php’;

use Amir\Comm;

//set an array of origins allowed to connect to this server
$allowed_origins = [‘localhost’, ‘’,’'];

// Run the server application through the WebSocket protocol on port 8080
$app = new Ratchet\App(‘’, 8080, ‘’);//App(hostname, port, ‘whoCanConnectIP’, ‘’)

//create socket routes
//route(uri, classInstance, arrOfAllowedOrigins)
$app->route(‘/comm’, new Comm, $allowed_origins);

//run websocket

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