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This article is about my #DepZ[WIP]

DepZ is an open source platform for hosting static websites.

While the product is in development, most of the organisations purchase 3 to 4 instances. They usually maintain Dev, Staging, Test, PreProd, Prod. For each build, they need a specific instance (mostly an EC2 t3.nano instance), it costs about $15 per instance.

We can achieve this with some platform like Netlify, but most of the people get this question “Why do we need to share our entire source code?”

So there is a need for deployment which is cost-efficient, secure and…

Hello all 🤝 This article is about the development of Dtexxxt.

Dtexxxt is Dribble shot description editor.

Why I built Dtexxxt?
So, for posting a design in dribble all need to type the description in plain HTML. Dtexxxt makes that process super easy. Format text, add links, emojis and copy HTML - so that you can paste it in Dribble. Anyone can use it and create rich Dribble Descriptions.

Why do we need Dtexxxt?
DTexxxt helps dribble users to post text with basic formatting and links easily. The text editor allows you to add, format, copy and paste text in…

What is Grid Property ?

The grid property is a shorthand property for the grid-template-rows, grid-template-columns, grid-template-areas, grid-auto-rows, grid-auto-columns, grid-auto-flow, grid-column-gap, and grid row-gap properties.

What is npm?

NPM(Node Package Manager) makes it easy for JavaScript developers to share the code that they’ve created to solve particular problems, and for other developers to reuse that code in their own applications.

Installing npm

Initially check does node is installed in your computer,

node -v

its returns the version of the installed package .

If its displays any error message install the latest version of the nodejs.

Check the version of the npm using

npm -v

make sure your npm version is up-to date.Use the below command to install the latest npm.

npm install npm@latest -g

Configure NPM

Before creating a package,We need to…

In this article, we discuss the resize issue in mobile devices.

The resize event is fired when the document view has been resized.But in the case of mobile devices whenever the scroll action is performed resize function will be triggered.

The issue is because of the scrollbar hiding or showing, cause the height of the screen to change and thus the resize event function triggers.To overcome this problem we need to check whether there is any change in screen width.

In this article we are going to see how to detect image download and a simplest way to prevent image download.

Whenever a content uploaded in web it can be viewed by all.All can copy the contents and use it.It may be helpful in some scenario.But consider profile picture in social networking site,there is no need for downloading images. But now it can be downloaded easy. Lets see how an images are displayed so far and which can be used to hide image URL.

How to display image in website?? 😬 😬

There are several ways to display image in…

In this modern era, we are in need of sharing a link to our friend in social networking for inviting our friends to use the particular app or site.

In this article, we are going to understand what are ways and how a link or message can be shared with your friends from web app in social networks.

Here a question arises why and where I need to share a link from the web app. For example, Consider a scenario when a user has Medium article and he needs to share the article with his friends what we do generally…

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