iBanking Training Makes Financial Modeling Simple

With iBanking Training, you can learn the ropes to create accurate, robust financial models. This training provider is a name to trust when it comes to purchasing online financial modeling tutorials. It enjoys a great reputation as it offers a wide selection of courses for everyone — starting from beginners to pros.

These self-paced courses will provide the skills that are necessary to make it big as an investment banker or a financial researcher. These tutorials are designed by some of the most acclaimed names in the investment banking sector. So by being associated with this center, you can rest assured that the leaders themselves will teach you the tricks of the trade.

Features of our courses

Financial Modeling Fundamentals

Apart from the courses, get the low-down on Excel functions, too, that are necessary to prepare a financial model. And that is not all — iBanking gives Excel templates that are most frequently used while preparing a financial model. Last but not least, iBanking’s instructors offer you invaluable support all the time during the course so that you can be head and shoulders above the competitors.

Self-study courses

Our online course is in step with the latest trends in the financial sector. These courses provide a step-by-step approach that will let you learn the science and the art behind building these models from scratch.

Thanks to its experienced industrial practitioners/instructors, iBanking enables its students to learn on-the-job skills. These skills are beneficial for all those who are looking to enter the investment banking profession.

Our course modules

Module 1

This module covers all the fundamentals that are necessary to build a financial module successfully. The module answers a range of questions such as:

  • What does a financial model do?
  • What are the different approaches to build a model?
  • How to use accounting ratios and other strategies to build models?
  • How to analyze financial statements?
  • How to use Excel functions?
  • How to migrate the financial data into Excel?

Module 2

This module provides the learner the reasons as to why a company’s valuation is necessary. Also, the course lets the learner know about varied valuation methods and different types of values. This module covers the details about:

  • Top three valuation methods and when to use them
  • Difference between market and book values
  • Total enterprise value vs. equity value
  • Using trading multiples
  • Becoming a valuation expert

Module 3

This module brings everything that is needed to give a step-by-step approach in building an integrated, accurate financial model. This module covers:

  • Building a model from beginning to end
  • Creating custom models
  • Interpreting the results for the end user
  • Reducing modeling errors
  • Developing a model in a structured way

So get enrolled in one of the modules of this training center right away and lay hands on a comprehensive training material and video tutorials.