Barbie Movies Online List

Barbie Movies
Sep 5 · 1 min read

The complete list of Barbie Movies on the internet for kids

Searching on the web about Barbie Movies I found out that they are not so new like I suspected. The true story about Barbie Movies is much older. Did you knew? The first Barbie Movie appeared in 1987 and having a great success by selling the Barbie Doll, they made another movie same year. After that had a pause of 14 years, until new toy products were put on the market, and they need it a new campaign for selling the Barbie Doll. So, since 2001 the Barbie Movies appeared like hot bread, one or two, even three every year. I was surprised to see how many movies were made. I searched on the web the full list and I found it on Barbie Movies, complete and sorted by years. Hope you enjoyed my article and I will come soon with other stories. The new story will be a little fun talking about how the old animation movies would have been if they were made in 2017–2019. This is a preview:

See you soon.

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Barbie Movies

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