Filecoin — in simple words
Cedric Dahl

Thanks for the post Cedric!

I agree that IPFS/FileCoin has huge potential.

Hopeful IPFS/FileCoin can eventually attract mass adoption but it will be interesting to see how they do v.s. other first to market blockchain based cloud storage options , (storj, sia etc. and MaidSAFE which often seems to be left out). Perhaps when IPFS/FileCoin deploy they will add features such as framework for decentralized/distributed “backend” services such as database to support dynamic web content etc.

One V.C Jason C. threw FileCoin under the bus in his podcast. (72:15)

Maybe book a spot on Jason’s show and explain what the folks at IPFS/Filecoin are doing and how it has potential to change the internet!

Thanks for all the great content/commentary!

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