DEEP DIVE: Justin Bieber/Hailey/Selena Timeline, 2014-Present Day

44 min readNov 28, 2021

WARNING: Strap yourselves in because this is gonna be a long one.

Part One: Jenners + Selena’s Drama (2014)

Let me note here that for this entire timeline i was making sure i got all events related to these people dated with sources linked. bc i didn’t want to miss anything that was relevant. let me know if i’m missing something source based and relevant! i did this because it was important for me to try keep it as fact n evidence based as possible.

Oh, sidenote, i’m not a journalist lol. Dont expect perfect grammar and capitalization here. Me and you are just besties gossiping, ok? This is just for fun☺️

We’ll start from the beginning, I guess. Im starting in 2014 because thats when the jenners and later hailey come into the picture. So early 2014 is when Kris started really trying to craft the Jenners careers/public image. Getting them involved in hollywood friendships like Madison beer (see my previous post here) and according to LA rumors, Kris was preparing to branch out her celeb management skills and was eyeing selena gomez as a possible new client. Thats just a rumor though. Anyway!

First time Selena is seen with a Jenner sister is here, with Kendall on March 21, 2014. You can kinda tell the hug is awkward/forced and its obvious paps were called.

From this day until April 2014 suddenly we were flooded with pics of the sisters and selena.




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