A list of Inspirational Women in Tech

Ingrid Bernaudin
3 min readSep 22, 2018
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It’s not always easy to find tech leaders that are inspiring us, especially women. So I am compiling a list of women in technology that are engaging and inspiring. This list is live! So please keep the suggestions flowing and I’ll update this post.

My goal in creating and maintaining this list is to help women (and men!) in tech that are interested in getting a more feminine voice from their news feeds to know who to follow. This list contains women in tech that are active on either Twitter and/or LinkedIn and that are giving their POV, insight or ideas on specific topics.

Here is the Twitter List link: https://twitter.com/IngridBernaudin/lists/womeninleadership, so that you can easily follow them as well or check out what they are talking about these days and be inspired while waiting in line at Starbucks ;)

Thanks to all the women from WomenInProduct and my LinkedIn network who helped me compile this list!

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Amanda Richardson — “CEO at Rabbit. Product builder. Experience consumer.” Twitter: @amandarich01, LinkedIn:/amandahartrichardson/

Amanda Kaufman — “Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, and Trainer” Twitter:n/a , LinkedIn:/amandackaufman/

Beth Comstock — “Changemaker & Author discovering what’s next. Love science, art & books. Former CMO & GE Vice Chair. My book, Imagine It Forward, comes out 9.18.18” Twitter: @bethcomstock, LinkedIn:/elizabethjcomstock/

Brené Brown — “Researcher. Storyteller. Texan.” Twitter: @BreneBrown, LinkedIn:/brenebrown/

Camille Fournier — “Camille of the House Fournier, First of Her Name, (Step)Mother of ZooKeeper, Tamer of Technology, Leader of Thoughts, long may she reign!” Twitter:@skamille, LinkedIn:/camille-fournier-9011812/

Ellen Chisa — “Busy building https://darklang.com with @paulbiggar and pretending to be a grownup with @tmrudick. @olincollege alum.” Twitter: @ellenchisa, LinkedIn:/ellenchisa/

Frederique Dame — “Partner @GVteam. Board Member @Ubisoft @LesMills. Alum @Uber@Yahoo @Photobucket @SmugMug. The most American Frenchie you’ll ever meet. BOOM.” Twitter: @fffabulous, LinkedIn:/frederiquedame/

Ha Nguyen — “Product Partner, @SperoVentures. Investing in a future that belongs to everyone. Co-founder Product Leader Summit. Women in Product Board Member.” Twitter: @pokergirlha, LinkedIn:/hanguyen-spero/

Hayley Leibson — “Technologist. #LadyInTech Founder. Contributor @Forbes. Tech & Innovation @Stanford. Organizer @TEDxSFBay & @womenpm. #WomenWhoBuild” Twitter: @hayleyleibson, LinkedIn:/hayleyleibson/

Holly Kortright — “Strategic HR Leader; talent champion; passionate advocate for women’s and children’s causes, technology for underserved, and higher education/student success” Twitter:@HKortrig, LinkedIn:/holly-kortright-6859425/

Indra Nooyi — “Strong believer in the power of corporations to do well by doing good. Chairman & CEO @PepsiCo. @IIM_Calcutta @YaleSOM alumna. Proud mother of two. Go @Yankees!” Twitter: @IndraNooyi, LinkedIn:/indranooyi/

Jessica O. Matthews — “Inventor/Entrepreneur/Social Scientist. Fndr & CEO, Uncharted Power. Believer in all things authentic, disruptive and empowering.” Twitter: @jessomatt, LinkedIn:/jessicaomatthews/

Jenny Dearborn — “#HCM & #HR Exec @ #SAP; #Author#DataDriven, Superhero fan! #Artist#Athlete Wife & #Mom to four awesome kids!” Twitter: @DearbornJenny, LinkedIn:/jdearborn/

Kara Goldin — “founder & ceo, @hint | press inquiries: press@kgoldin.com” Twitter: @karagoldin, LinkedIn:/karagoldin/

Katrina Lake —“Founder, CEO Stitch Fix, blog: http://katrinalake.com/” Twitter: @kmlake, LinkedIn:/kmlake/

Lara Oerter — “Technology Executive and COO at PrecisionHawk” Twitter: n/a, LinkedIn:/laraoerter/

Laura Butler — “Champion of Undercats, Microsoft Technical Fellow, Vice President of Notes and Tasks, @KalAcademy@RainierScholars #BlackLivesMatter@eji_org” Twitter:@LauraCatPJs , LinkedIn:/laura-butler-86843060/

Neen James — “Motivational Keynote Speaker • Leadership Coach & Mentor • Author • Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) • Collector of Fabulous Shoes” Twitter: @neenjames, LinkedIn:/neenjames/

Neha Narkhede — “Co-founder and CTO @confluentinc, Co-creator @apachekafka, Globetrotter, Wannabe photographer. Frequently resorts to retail therapy, yeah .. I know.” Twitter: @nehanarkhede, LinkedIn:/nehanarkhede

Rose Haft — “Believer in human potential. Living between worlds: #tech #disease#humanity #love #light #AR #VR #ComputationalReality @LumenoraReality” Twitter:@RoseHaft , LinkedIn:/rahaft/

Sallie Krawcheck — “Ellevest, Ellevate Network…past head of Merrill Lynch & Smith Barney….past research analyst….mom…crazed UNC basketball fan….” Twitter: @SallieKrawcheck, LinkedIn:/salliekrawcheck/

Sheryl Sandberg — “Facebook, mother of 2, friend to many great women.” Twitter: @sherylsandberg, LinkedIn: n/a

Tamara McCleary — “#CEO @ThuliumCo #SmartSocial | Top 25 #CMO #CIO #AI #AR #VR #IoT#Robotics #BigData #MarTech Influencer | #Leadership #Marketing #FutureofWorkGlobal #Speaker” Twitter:@TamaraMcCleary, LinkedIn:/tamaramccleary/

Tatyana Mamut — “Tech Exec & Innovator. Keynote Speaker. Growth Advisor. Logical, not Ideological.” Twitter:@tmamut, LinkedIn:/tmamut/

Yvonne Baur — “Curious about software, design, and education trends. You never stop learning! Part-time soccer fanatic. Views are my own.” Twitter:@YviB , LinkedIn:/yvonneb/



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