History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Your article is a joke.

“The EU is also a major force in suppressing Putin’s military ambitions. “

What military ambitions has Putin exactly? You must know about history, but you are stuck in it. Soviet Union is a thing of the past.

“European sanctions on Russia really hit the economy, and helped temper Russia’s attacks on Ukraine (there is a reason bad guys always want a weaker European Union)”

So Putin is a bad guy that wants a weaker Europe? Maybe what Putin wants is a Europe (where Russia belong) that does not become a threat to them following American interests. Maybe what Putin wants is the end of NATO, which does not have any meaning after the collapse of the Soviet Union other than provoking Russia.

“He has already said he would not automatically honour NATO commitments in the face of a Russian attack on the Baltics.”

Russia attacking the Baltics? Don’t you have any decency? NATO has brought military forces to the border of Russia for no reason, without ANY justification on the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.. 
What do you think it would happen if Russia or allies brought military forces and weapons to the border of USA?

I am a European, from Spain to be exact, and I am happy the majority of British voters decided to leave a corrupted mercantilist union and put their sovereignty over the economic powers’ interests. I hope this is the trigger that ends the EU and I hope Europe stops being USA puppet and a threat to Russia.

I don’t know for Americans, but for the rest of the world Trump seems the best alternative. We are sick of USA imperialist politics and I am personally sick of propaganda like yours that paints a very different picture of reality where Russia is some kind of monster that threats Europe (??)

Next time write about how great has been for the western world to follow American interests and to be friends of Saudi Arabia while creating chaos in Libya, Siria or Irak and helping spread the Wahhabi archaic view of muslim that is completely opposed to the western values of freedom and democracy.