Arsenal’s f**k up

First Disclaimer: If you’re an Arsenal fan, you probably feel the same about recent Arsenal’s run too. So welcome!
Second Disclaimer: Not entirely about football, just, again, my perspective towards Arsenal, who barely speak volume when it comes to…Title…so sad.
Third Disclaimer: You’re going to find quite a lot of profanity here due to my rant here. So if you’re not a fan of swearing, I suggest you not to read this (except if you dare to do so, you scoundrel…)
Source: The Commentator

February 15th, 2017

Bayern Munich 5–1 Arsenal FC

Another poor and abysmal display from the boys in red. It’s the second time in less than 2 years since their last meeting in the group stage of UCL where The Gunners were defeated by the home side with the same scoreline as we witnessed tonight.

Just how fucked up are we now?

Indifferent, I must say. We’ve seen a lot of similar results for the past couple of years, but never have I ever seen this kind of outrage from the supporters as well.

It started well for us until Arjen Robben scored past us due to lack of marking from Francis Coquelin. And then the usual moaning from us started off…right until we got the penalty we (kind of) deserved. Bayern’s players were furious of the decision and suddenly we looked happy, as if a silver limelight has just shone to guide Arsenal from the brink of falling off.

Then the goal we deserved came, but not as smoothly as we thought.

It’s a goal! But then, can you imagine how high and hopeful we were when we equalised through Alexis Sanchez’s resilient shooting, even after his penalty was first denied by Neuer?? Even after the ball rebounded once??? After that important away goal, some people still believed we can smash Bayern at home on the second-leg.

But the terror started with our captain, Laurent Koscielny, injured and had to be substituted by…Gabriel. “Oh the winching night has just begun.”, I murmured at that time.

One person I follow on twitter said, “Can we have full time now?” at the end of the 1st half, as if he was just signaling Arsenal wouldn’t bear Bayern’s performance at any time in the 2nd half.

Then, the worst nightmare many Arsenal fans could imagine came to the surface. Next thing we know, we were already 4–1 down, 10 minutes after our captain was replaced. “This doesn’t look good.”, or, “We’re going to get spanked by the home team.”, said many supporters.

In all of a sudden, Arsenal lost their soul on the game.

They looked lethargic, as if they’re not good enough to beat Bayern Munich.

They looked tired, as if they lost faith on themselves after Thiago’s goal (3–1).

They looked lost, as if they have no manager on the touchline, ready for giving instructions and changing formations and so on.

We are still angry at them for not learning from past mistakes. We are sill shocked to see the (un)expected truth.

Even a friend of mine said he’s just dropped his cooked rice by seeing the painful scoreline and suddenly lost his appetite. Talk about dedication and love towards the club right there.

Translated (red oval): “I don’t know man. Just dropped my cooked rice because of Arsenal 😂”, and I responded, “Are you f**cking serious? 😂😂😂”

But the pain is just too much and we’re not even feeling it anymore. It’s just too frequent to see Arsenal in their lowest state and people are making fun of it, especially if it involves the number 4. (You’ll get the reference by searching this: Arsenal top 4 jokes, no pun intended)

Even some of us maybe are wondering right now, what if Arsenal were beaten by a non-league team like Sutton United, whom we will meet next Monday in the FA Cup, the one and the only cup we still have the chance to win it again for the third time in the last four years.

As a gooner, I couldn’t say much about the key factors that make Arsenal unable to win prestigious titles. Every excuses from the manager have been unleashed and people seem not buying it anymore.

We have a really good squad to win the title, but we make it look like as if we always are short on good players.

We always make the job seem impossible to do, or we always make it hard for ourselves, when in (alternate) reality, we can win it, if we have the desire to do so.

It is becoming more of a love-hate relationship between Arsenal fans and Arsenal FC as a whole from my perspective. I can’t even imagine what it looks like, or what are the local fans there thinking of their local team, when they saw their club being thrashed by their European “arch nemesis” in a large margin. I’m just wondering, to just feel their genuine pain, you know?

But no matter how Arsenal are doing right now, worse or better, we’ll always end up coming back for them and supporting them again. It’s an endless cycle we would like to break, to add “watching Arsenal winning the Premiership (re: League Title) again after quite a long time” to the list. It’s ironic and yet maybe funny at the same time, if you’re not a football fan.

But it’s really funny, though, how a football club can influence your emotion and rationality of your thinking without any great effort to do so.

The last time I saw Arsenal winning the league title was back in 2004, the year where they were crowned as “The Invincibles”, where they won 26 matches and 12 draws without a single defeat. Almost 13 years ago.

I really look forward to that day again, maybe someday in the foreseeable future. It’s still inevitable, but not entirely possible right now. Maybe I have to stop my rant here, sit back, relax, and let Arsenal do their thing (as long as it doesn’t involve flipping Arsenal fans’s feeling and dignity).