In the Name of God?
Jasper Jaja

Brilliantly written article. Most religious Nigerians are illiterate in my opinion and I don’t mean that as an insult. They don’t understand what they believe, they just do. Even the religious leaders have little understanding of the holy books. Most doctrines are used as tools to ‘brainwash’ and control the masses. An educated person(I don’t mean a university degree) would not resort to any form of violence to prove a point, religious or not. Violence and ignorance are closely related. I was raised in a religion where I could ask questions and I was trained to reasonably defend my beliefs using the bible. If I couldn’t understand, I couldn’t explain it others(which is an important part of being a Jehovah’s witness). Even now I still have questions, no one shuts me up when i ask ‘why?’.Until recently I didn’t fully appreciate this. Now I do.

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