Tom Perez, like us, is the present and the future of the Democratic Party

Secretary Perez not only has the ideal conditions to take on the historic challenge of lifting the Democratic Party in Washington DC, but he also has the vision to empower our communities.

From: Leadership of the Young Democrats of America (YDA) Hispanic Caucus

The Democratic National Committee will soon select the new leader of the Democratic Party. 447 delegates will soon have in their hands the power to decide which candidate will influence the Democratic Party’s agenda to recuperate the White House in 2020.

After a bitter and unexpected defeat, the Democratic Party has reflected on the factors that contributed to this defeat, but more importantly efforts have been focused on restrategizing in order to regain the American people’s trust.

In order to regain that trust we not only need a new leadership that can assist in rebuilding our electoral base on a state-by-state basis, but we also need a leader with ample experience who can speak our same language in many senses. The millennial generation has much to gain from a refreshed take on Democratic leadership, and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez holds the key.

According to a study done by the Pew Hispanic Center, Millennial latinos represented close to 44% of the 27.3 million of eligible voters in the 2016 elections within the 55 million self-identified Hispanics who reside in the US.

For the democrats, there are so many questions remain regarding how to respond for their performance in the last selections. One of the biggest challenges is how to regain the faith of millennial Democrat voters.

We fear that our generation, the most diverse to date in the history of the United States, will abandon the Democratic Party if we do not recalibrate our vision.

Tom Perez has already committed himself to giving us not only a platform, but also a seta at the table where decisions are taken that affect our lives every day.

Tom Perez represents the success of the ordinary citizen that was able to achieve the American Dream. He is the son of Dominican immigrants who came to the US fleeing a dictatorship. They had faith that with strong work and the right opportunity to do so, they could achieve their dreams.

In the Department of Labor, Tom has fought to protect the rights of working families and he has pursued policies that favor our generation, such as successfully accomplishing historic rates of unemployment under 5%. Tom has overseen the creation of 14 million jobs, proving that he recognizes the importance of young people within the Democratic Party.

Tom not only recognizes the importance of empowering younger members of our community, but he has also fought for the rights of communities of color, immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ+ community thorughout his career. We are confident that he will make sure that as President of the DNC, he will make sure that every vote counts, and that communities across the US will be heard so that the Democratic Party can return to its grassroots origins.

Next Saturday elections will be held to choose the next President of the DNC; we are also voting for the present and future of our party. Therefore, we are urging all 447 delegates across the nation to consider making history by choosing the first Latino leader of the DNC, Tom Pérez. This is why we are #TeamTom.

Anthony Carrillo, (PR) Chairman of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Lily Herrejon (CA) Treasurer of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Pedro Ramírez (CA) Vice-President of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Daniel Marco Mulieri (FL) Regional Director of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Ibis Valdés (FL) Communications Director of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Alma Hernández (AZ) Youth Vote Liaison to the Young Democrats of Arizona

Consuelo Hernández (AZ) Regional Director of the YDA Hispanic Caucus

Andrés López (TX) Youth Vote Liaison to the Young Democrats of Texas

Kayleigh García (TX) Regional Director of the YDA Hispanic Caucus