AndelaX-perience(III): Yet Another One!!!

I’ve been battling with this home session exercise for the past “God-knows-when” and this one particular test refuses to pass… it happens a lot though but… Never mind. As I lie on the bed, right in front of my PC and tying to wrap my head around how to meet up with submission deadline, I received an email on my phone.

This is an invitation to the next session of the bootcamp which would hold on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 from 8.30am to 5.30pm at…

I should be happy bah? Of course I am happy! Just like when I gained admission into the University, What!? My Alma Mater? I am a better by far alumnus… I beg your pardon.. University of Ilorin of course!!!… Where was I? As I was saying, being selected by Andela has been one of the best news in 2017 after going through lots of studying and reading python codes and documentations… all for the proctor test, the least I could be is happy. But the the thing is that… Only God, the BFs and BFAs know what to expect. The last classroom session gave me a serious migraine and yet another day awaits tomorrow. Another day of awesomely, well-packaged and sleep-arresting self-learning class. Maybe we should be expecting Ty Mix, Joke Silva, Ben Ogbeiwi and the rest of the project fame crew to come teach us how to ♬sing ♫…(giggles). Sounds impossible though, but one can hardly tell.

This Is Andela! The place of awesomeness!

But on a sincere note, the experience so far has been great. Come on… I am serious!!! although my past posts focused more on how tedious, time and pleasure-consuming it has been inside and outside the wall of Andela, but I have gained lots of confidence, learned things I never could not have learnt “under normal temperature and pressure” but in Andela’s test tube and crucible, placed on a hot bunsen burner… Sorry about that, I am sure you didn’t know I studied chemistry (lool… You never h’experred h’it). I learnt python in a very short time, built a web data scrapping algorithm for a friend (I mean my old programmer friend… the one that got tired of ministering and preaching the gospel of Java and C++ to me) and he was truly impress and wondered what kind of spirit Andela embedded in me that triggers what he saw in me some years back but was unable to bring out…. And while I was feeling myself and thinking of how to floor my fellow prospective Andela fellow, (sobs) Andela changed the language of instruction to JavaScript!!!

Java-What!!! I said to myself… Holy blood of Nebuchadnezzar! how on planet Basoom am I going to start learning Javascript? why should I drop Python for Javascript? Where would I start from, Why are these people bent on making us fail?… these and many more kept running in my mind and at first, destabilized me… In fact, it “dis-gingered my swagger”. Apparently, I underrated myself and I forgot that…

You don’t know how wonderfully well you can cook, until you finish the crumbs in your mouth and nothing else to nibble. ~Myself

All my life, I never thought I could get so comfortable with progamming and typing, I have always thought I would get tired in no time, but Andela impregnated me with this believe that the difference between the so-called goal-getters and dreamers is the courage to get up from bed and work on the dream.


One thing I am sure of is that if I was not opportune to be an Andela fellow at the end of this whole exercise, although it would mean a lot to me, but what I have now is enough for me to work on. I know I have been given the sword of vengeance and I should be able to single-handedly take down any challenge that comes my way. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I am happy to be alive at this time, I am happy that I was given this opportunity, I am “DETAMYNE” (like Kanu Nwankwo) and I am not giving up until the last drop of blood in my vein.

I need to go now, I still have codes to write. (drops mic 🎤)