The Introduction….


The intergalactic “Community Focused” coin

Ibiza Inu is born in space within a galaxy far away, which you can only visit on a highly dosed trip of Fun, Love and Excitement.

The Ibiza Inu is an extravagant intergalactic hybrid breed that loves to party, live life to the fullest and share it with everybody… They have chosen their new base in Ibiza and they wish to make everybody wealthy that joins the IBU Tribe on the way to freedom and complete decentralisation.

Welcome to the exciting world of Crypto Space!

Legends says, that rain during a clear sunset would show the gateway to planet KIBU. an alternate universe that can be reached in a waking state of being, with colours, scents, shapes and wealth like you’ve never experienced before. A lucid reality that everyone can reach but is suppressed by fears and uncertainty for the unknown. Having IBU blood running through your veins is something special and rare, it’s not something you’re born with, it’s something you earn by letting go of fears and stepping into the unknown.

The Ibiza Inu has a collective mantra:

Don’t spoil anyone’s pleasure and never be jealous of another’s success. Only together we can achieve, only together we will prospher.

Meet King Ibu — Leader of The Ibiza Inu’s

His father is an INU, who is well known in Crypto… and his mother a Podenko, the famous native dog of Ibiza. King Ibu is the founder of the IBU Tribe.

King Ibu created his own currency to free the world from all the evil money, soon Ibiza Inu (IBU) will be supported by many places all over the beautiful island of Ibiza and far beyond the galaxy.

The Ibiza Inu project will realize many charities involving: crypto education for kids, local animal shelters, helping the homeless and maintaining the beauty of Ibiza by cleaning the island & ocean.

King Ibu & his loyal team will release a second special token that comes with many cool perks in collaboration with exclusive partners. It will be named the KING IBU (KIBU) token, which can be earned by holding and staking the IBIZA INU (IBU) coin within the IBU Ecosystem.

The IBU platform will involve rare NFT’s, Staking, Minting and fun merchandise. To top it all off: The creation of an interactive “KING IBU” game!

Check out the whitepaper and roadmap for more info!

There is also an airdrop coming ✨ check out our social media…

We are community focused, we are IBIZA INU


🌎 Telegram:
🔮 Twitter:
🪐 instagram:
👁 Website: (website 1.0 is live, website 2.0 will be launched 17 january)
🎯 White Paper: IBU Paper will be released on 12 dec 2021
🚘 Roadmap: will be presented in IBU Paper 1.0
🏆 Eth Contract: 0xA8e0691420bDe0cf9b32B2773CCfF8c029441F24
🧩 Total supply:
✅ Audit: will be done by CERTIK in near future
👨‍🚀 Team: will be announced on the new website 1.0 on 26 dec
📡 Partners & Ambassadors: currently 5 local entrepreneurs, 3 strong international players and a well known DJ are supporting the project.
🚀 Objective: far beyond the moon and planet KIBU
💰 Gains: Holders get lots of rewards, perks and discounts on the island!



The intergalactic “Community Focused” coin

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